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Jiangxi Artizan Autoparts Co., Ltd. is a high-tech auto parts company jointly invested by Artizan Automotive Electronics Company and Sensata Technologies . It is a high-tech auto parts company which integrates design, R&D, production and sales. It is located in the west expansion area of the Ceramic Industrial Park in Xiangdong District. The first phase of investment is 150 million yuan, and the second phase is 200 million yuan.


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  • R&D and Production

    The company takes the SENSATA transfering IC COLF line as the core to organize the R&D and production of sensor chips.

  • Artizan Employees

    Artizan employees come from Fortune 500 companies in the global automotive industry or from leading universities in China.

  • Partners

    Artizan has established strategic partnerships with VW, GM, Ford, Geely, FAW, SAIC. , Great Wall, BAIC, Chery, etc. to establish strategic partnerships.



  • Tire pressure sensor | thing is not big, also quite high-tech

    The height of the tire pressure plays a vital role in the performance and power of the car. Each car will have a tire pressure monitoring system. By recording the tire speed or the electronic sensor installed in the tire, the various conditions of the tire are automatically monitored in real time...
  • 1 minute Get Practical tips for tire pressure monitoring

    Does the tire pressure monitoring kit alert you if you have a flat tire when parked at night? When the vehicle is parked at night, if the tire is flat, the tire pressure monitoring kit will issue a warning within 15 minutes after the parking, and there will be no warning...