• Tyres also have a shelf life? Should the tire pressure be adjusted according to the external temperature?
  • Tyres also have a shelf life? Should the tire pressure be adjusted according to the external temperature?

Tire as the main component of the car bearing load It can be said that hard work It does not only carry the weight of the entire body Also shoulder the responsibility of fast running, urgent brake The work is pretty hard work But, you know what? Tyres also have a shelf life, and they can grow old After the “shelf life” of the tires will have many problems Even “threaten” the life safety of drivers and passengers! Moreover, it is as widely goes You need to lower the tire pressure in the summer Do you need to raise the fetal pressure in the winter? Today, we are going to talk about these topics

Your tires Is the shelf life there?

Many owners think that their driving skills are good, rarely brake or in place on the steering wheel, the tire wear degree should not be high, ran six or seven years have not worn to the tire indication line, the problem is not big can be used. It can be seen that even the old drivers’ cognition of the shelf life and service life of the tires may be one-sided. For driving safety considerations, please do not put the concept of tire replacement only on the degree of tire wear! Tyres, like food, also have a shelf life. Each tire has a production date before leaving the factory. For example, the tire wall has 3512, meaning that the tire was produced in the 35th week of 2012.


Under the normal storage environment, the new tires are recommended to buy within 3 years from the production date, and such tire rubber performance is basically guaranteed. It is recommended that the tire not exceed 5 years when it is not worn to the warning line. After this cycle of the tire, the rubber and cord will appear aging, the tire surface appears small cracks, resulting in the weakening of the tire strength, at high speed or when encountering hard objects may cause a tire burst and other dangerous phenomena.


To sum up, about the “shelf life” of tires, we should make a comprehensive judgment from the degree of tire wear, the official warranty date and service life. It is recommended that it is best to check the tire pressure and surface conditions regularly, whether there is insufficient tire pressure, foreign body and other phenomena. Especially before running a long distance, be sure to check it carefully! Try to replace the tyre after a 3-5 year cycle.

The tire air pressure should be based on it Is the external temperature adjusted?

Summer has arrived, the external temperature rises in the driving environment, and the tire temperature in the driving also rises accordingly. Some people say that according to the principle of thermal expansion and cold contraction, the tyre pressure in summer should be slightly lowered, is it really so?


In fact, whether in summer or winter, the change of the ambient temperature has a very little impact on the tire pressure, and it is within the safe range of the tire pressure. Therefore, the tire pressure changes brought about by the external environmental temperature can be completely ignored. Whether in summer or winter, car owners friends according to the standard tire pressure value suggested by the user manual to set, lower or raise the tire pressure to bring other safety risks is not worth the loss. About the standard tire pressure value, every car has instructions. Generally, we can see it in the vehicle user manual, the label beside the cab door and the label inside of the tank cover

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